Service to the Profession

I was elected to the executive committee of the Modern Language Association (MLA) Rhetoric, Composition, and Writing Studies (RCWS) Literacy Studies Forum in 2015, and I served as secretary for two years and then as chair leading up to the January 2018 convention. The executive committee was responsible for organizing all conference panels sponsored by the forum, both guaranteed and with competitive review, and managing nominations for annual elections for the forum leadership and for an MLA delegate. At the January 2018 convention, I was invited to chair the MLA plenary session “The Matter of Writing,” which brought together highly influential scholars in writing studies “to share key concepts, theories, movements, and agendas of the discipline.”

Since 2010, I have also served as a member of the executive committee and the travel grant committee of the Computers and Writing Graduate Research Network (GRN). The GRN offers a full-day, pre-conference event at the annual Computers and Writing (C&W) conference, inviting participants to share in-process work (from conceptualization to publication) and receive feedback from experienced scholars in the field. From 2010-2016, I also served as coordinator of Ride2CW, a fundraiser for the GRN Travel Grant Awards, which provides financial assistance for graduate students and non-tenure-track faculty who attend the GRN and C&W.